SoArt Club, in addition to supporting artists and introducing them in international exhibitions, tries to help the growth and strengthening of civil society in Iran by designing and implementing various and diverse training courses.

Call for artworks

To support the civil movement of Iranians,
"Women, Life, Freedom"

Art and social change have an unbreakable relationship. Art is a powerful outlet to express our humanity, challenge outdated ideas, create a context for dialogue, and develop human relationships. Artists in social movements create empathy and cooperation among people and try to amplify their voice and make it hearable for the world. Believing in the effective and lasting role of artists in social movements, Social Art Festival (SOART) invites all artists to create artistic and creative works to support the civil movement of Iranians, "Women, Life, Freedom".

Deadline: Feb. 15, 2023
Medium and size: Digital art, 24x36 or 30x40 inches
Please share the final works with us through
[email protected]
or submit HERE

Artworks Submission Form