About Us

“So-Art” (Social Art) is an artistic club aiming at bringing together young artists who are interested in social issues and social change. Recognizing the impact of artists on society, So-Art utilizes the unique ability of artists to serve society by elevating its culture.

We look at social art as a means to articulate social problems and shortcomings. We believe that artists, thanks to their artistic abilities and critical approach, can amplify the voice of the people. Artists can bring together different groups of people by creating an opportunity for them to achieve mutual understanding and solving their problems.

Whether we believe in “socially committed art” or “art for art’s sake,” it cannot be denied that artistic works and trends are impacted by society; yet, artists’ works also often constitute points of departure in social change and cultural enrichment.

At So-Art, we believe that artists, like other citizens, carry social responsibility. At the same time, they play a more effective role in bringing about social change. As such, in collaboration with artists, we endeavor to disclose social problems. We strive to support artists to create works of art that lead to cultural development.

At So-Art, our initial step will identify the problems that minorities face and the means of relieving them which began in 2018. Works created by our artists will be exhibited in many galleries inside and outside Iran as well as online. We strive to create an opportunity for dialogue and an outlet for expression of creativity and talent. Our activities at So-Art will be conducted in Persian.

Founder and Director

Pezhman Tahavori

Pezhman Tahavori is a journalist and graduate of the Tufts University School of Law and Diplomacy (Fletcher School) and the founder of the Touch Art Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Tahavori started his journalism career in 1998 in Iran newspaper and emigrated to the United States in 2005 to continue his education. He pursued a career in journalism while pursuing two master's degrees in law and international relations, dispute resolution, and diplomacy. In 2012, Tahavori established the Touch Art Gallery in Cambridge, near Harvard University. The Touch Art Gallery soon became a cultural-artistic center. Holding numerous exhibitions of paintings and photography and performing theatre, music, holding numerous educational workshops in the field of painting, storytelling and drama, the Touch Art Gallery became a center for cultural dialogue and exchange. Tahavori is the creator and manager of the SoArt Club.


Touch Art Gallery, as the designer and executor of the SoArt project, started its activity in 2012 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The activities of this art gallery include holding exhibitions of paintings, photography, music concerts, shows and workshops, and reading books and showing films.

Touch Art Gallery has been set up with the aim of cultural exchange and creating a space for dialogue between different nations and cultures. Introducing Iranian culture and art to non-Iranian audiences and supporting Iranian artists are other programs of this gallery.

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