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From Voice Unheard
Actors of Social Change in Iran & Afghanistan
Harvard University, August 18th, 4-7 PM

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“So-Art” (Social Art) is an artistic club aiming at bringing together young artists who are interested in social issues and social change. Recognizing the impact of artists on society, So-Art utilizes the unique ability of artists to serve society by elevating its culture.

Candidates and Award winners of the 2021 SoArt Festival

Award for Best Painting
"Goodbye Gray Days"

Baran Aryaei Javidan

Baran Aryaei Javidan "Goodbye Gray Days"

Goodbye Gray Days

Fatemeh Haidarpour "Holy Doubt"

Holy Doubt

Maryam Loory "without title"

without title

Award for Best Phorography

Seyed Mohsen Mohseni Shakib

Seyed Mohsen Mohseni Shakib, "Father"


Ali Rahmi Haghighi "From the hole collections"

From the hole collections

The jury in the graphic and digital art category did not recognize a work worthy of the award.
The names of the nominees for the SoArt Award in the short film category will be announced later.

Photo Gallery of SoArt's Second Festival Exhibited at Harvard University