SoArt Club, in addition to supporting artists and introducing them in international exhibitions, tries to help the growth and strengthening of civil society in Iran by designing and implementing various and diverse training courses.

Art Festival for Social Change
Women, Children and Minorities

The SoArt Club is holding the second edition of the Art Festival for Social Change, focusing on the rights and issues of women, children, and minorities in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. The purpose of this festival is to bring together artists who are concerned with social issues and want to influence social change. With the support of artists, the festival seeks to display pieces relating to the issues of women, children, and minorities, as well as playing a role in the process of social change by opening up a space for dialogue and debate.
The SoArt Club invites artists interested in social issues to submit their work to be considered for the second edition of the festival.

Those interested in participating in the biennial SoArt Festival in the field of visual arts, have the opportunity to send a photo of their work or multiple pieces along with their full details and creations (maximum 3 pieces) to [email protected] until the first day of July 2021 (July 10, 1400) or apply through the form below.
The deadline for those interested in participating in the short film section is October 1, 2021.


For pieces to be accepted for the festival the following must be met:
- Complete the details in the submission form or send their details and photos of their work via e-mail by the deadlines. - Minimum size: 16 by 20 inches -Maximum size: 40 by 48 inches -Acceptable dimensions in inches: 20x16, 24x18, 20x20, 24x 24, 30x24, 36x24, 48x24, 40x30, 48x30, 36x36, 48x36 -Recommended size: 30x40 or 36x36 inches
Each of the following categories including: painting, photography, cartoons, graphics and short films must have a minimum of 8 participants with 8 eligible pieces to participate in the festival, otherwise we will have to remove that part of the festival.

Short Film

Filmmakers can send a copy of their film to participate in the festival (by sending downloadable links). The films should cover issues related to either women, children, or minorities. It is necessary to have English subtitles as well as the following technical specifications:
- Resolution: Minimum Full HD (1920x1080)
- Film Formats: MPEG 4-h264, Mov (h264), AppleProRes 422HQ

SoArt Festival’s Jury (2022)