From Voice Unheard

SoArt Club, in addition to supporting artists and introducing them in international exhibitions, tries to help the growth and strengthening of civil society in Iran by designing and implementing various and diverse training courses.

From Voice Unheard

Actors of Social Change in Iran & Afghanistan
May 12th- September 7th, Harvard University

In collaboration with the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University, Touch Art Gallery is pleased to present “From Voice Unheard; Actors of Social Change in Iran & Afghanistan” a group exhibition by 24 artists from Iran and Afghanistan.

Reception: 5:00pm-8:00pm on Friday, Jun 10th
Location: Harvard University, CGIS Knafel, 1737 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA 02138.

Artworks by:

Fatemeh Aghakabiri
Baran Aryaee Javidan
Fatemeh Amani Rad
Parvaneh Babaei
Firoozeh Barzegari
Mahya Farahbakhsh
Fatemeh Heidarpour
Hadis Jafari
Babak Javaherpour Ahmadani
Mahnaz Keyhani
Mounir Khadiviyan
Mehri Langroody Poorbozorg
Maryam Lori
Mary Mousavi
Behnaz Mogouie
Khabat Nodinyan
Shima Najafi
Qasem Noori
Seyed Mohsen Pourmohseni Shakib
Ali Rahemi Haghighi
Jafar Rahimi
Amir Salehi
Farideh Salimi
Naseer Turkmani

The film screening, as a part of “SoArt Festival 2022” will be held in July 2022. More information will be announced later.


Candidates and Award winners of the 2021 SoArt Festival

Award for Best Painting
"Goodbye Gray Days"

Baran Aryaei Javidan

Baran Aryaei Javidan "Goodbye Gray Days"

Goodbye Gray Days

Fatemeh Haidarpour "Holy Doubt"

Holy Doubt

Maryam Loory "without title"

without title

Award for Best Photography

Seyed Mohsen Mohseni Shakib

Seyed Mohsen Mohseni Shakib, "Father"


Ali Rahmi Haghighi "From the hole collections"

From the hole collections

The jury in the graphic and digital art category did not recognize a work worthy of the award.
The names of the nominees for the SoArt Award in the short film category will be announced later.

2021 SoArt Festival’s Visual Arts Section Jury